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I went to a fair with Chris and my brother Jon. We had great fun in a mirror-maze - sometimes you could see where you wanted to be but not get there, other times all you could do was turn back. Now available on your very own PC.

Well, that card was written six or seven years ago and things have come a long way since. After flirting with Caldera, RedHat, SuSE and Mandrake, I've decided that Ubuntu seems to suit me best. Music publishing, e-mail and text editing – what more could a man required? well, reliable sound and midi ... but then, I'm such a demanding consumer.

So where's the problem? Mostly, I admit without any particular embarrassment, in my own ignorance; but also in the insultingly poor quality of the information generally made available. MAN pages? Info pages? Forget it! They are coded reminders for the hierophants, not clear-text help for the laity. Luckily, I've found friends and colleagues who are not only immensely knowledgeable but also more than willing to help.

Secondly, the problem lies with the evangelists. Trumpeting that whatever piece of software they want to puff is equal to or better than its familiar W*ws equivalent, they do no-one any favours when the hapless user finds out it just ain't so.

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