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There is nothing quite like love for putting a spring in the stride, adding a sparkle to the eye, and increasing a tendency to stroll out blindly into the traffic.

And one of the strangest things about it is the way it shows up in our lives: however disappointed, however dissatisfied we may be with what we see as our characters, our attributes or our achievements, any of us can suddenly become the astonished focus of someone's love.

Sometimes it's hard to accept this new status, especially when the one who loves us is not someone who interests or attracts us. We just have to act as gracefully, as gratefully as we can. Anyone who loves us becomes very vulnerable to us, so we must be kind when we have to reject.

And when we find ourselves overwhelmed with love we want to give, as urgent as setting down an over-full glass, we have to be brave and generous. No conditions. No recriminations. And no hesitations: when you love someone, work out how to tell them in a way that won't frighten or alarm them – then take the chance of making them happy.


Four or five years after this text was written, we happened to see the film Love, actually. Awful. Poorly constructed and with an inconsistent message. Don't be fooled: consider instead the epigraph for letter D.