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"In certain districts birds are the cause of faults on the overhead transmission system. When pin-headed insulators are used, a bird perched on the cross arm may be able to come in contact with the conductor and make a short circuit."

Alas, the title page is missing from my copy of General Electrical Engineering – no information on author, editor or even publisher. The author deserves citing for his (almost certainly his, given the apparent age of the book) fair-minded evaluation of the problem outlined on the card. He continues:

This occurrence, unhappy for the mains engineer, the consumer and the bird, can be prevented by designing the cross arms with a steep angle so that it is not easy for wild fowl to use them as perches. Other safeguards include ... insulating the conductor at places where birds could cause short circuits, or the provision of insulated perches mounted on the cross arms.

I'm pleased he realises the birds aren't any happier than the consumers and the engineers.