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If the word 'eclectic' didn't exist, we should have to invent it ... Realism (whatever that nay mean) not necessarily required. Happy ending optional, but preferred if plausible and well-introduced.

I don't feel particularly qualified to write about cinema, and the person who muttered "that never stopped him yet" is kindly requested to leave the room. The more films we watch, the more we begin to appreciate things like pace and dialogue; even camerawork, lighting and composition. Using such terms when trying to explain our likes or dislikes, though, would still seem rather precious – and expose us to the derision of those who really do understand them.

So an indirect approach appears called for. Here are some of our favourites, and if you can work out a theory of cinema from this very small selection do let us know ...

Perhaps a future extension to this page might give a similar list of films we have not enjoyed, for your viewing pleasure and to round out your picture of our taste and preferences.

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