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Memorable ducks can here include those associated with:
- Chris
- Felicity
- Slater
has an unstable duck, as do many other people in and around Sheffield. Something that would only upset or perturb me simply knocks Chris' duck off. But no-one seems to know off what or where. It may have gone to the foot of the stairs.
used to have a duck I gave her, a handsome wooden duck with wheels for feet. Each wheel had a flap of leather attached, and as you pushed the duck along by its long handle the flaps hit the floor with the most satisfying and sufficiently duck-like noise. In her time as a staff-nurse (known as Nurse Angel-bumps from the time when someone who shouldn't have overheard one of our 'phone-calls) she attached the duck to the medicine-trolley to make drugs-rounds a bit more cheerful.
Stephen Slater
devised an efficient, non-polluting device that would generate electricity from the lapping of the waves without requiring civil engineering on an Ozymandias scale. As you might expect, this apparently sound and laudable idea met with a mysterious lack of support from the powers that be.

Deze pagina is toegewijd aan Zoë Van Maldeghem, die een eendje heeft zoals Felicity. Eigenlijk is het een pinguin, maar het principe blijft hetzelfde <g>

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