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"Who sings well prays twice", observed Augustine of Hippo. Room for debate on how to interpret well, but I'm delighted and grateful to have been offered the chance to widen my acquaintance with the Geneva Psalter settings. My warm thanks to the William Tyndale - Silo community in Vilvoorde, who have not only accepted me as one of their duty organists but also invited me to sing with an ad hoc group.

It appears from one commentator that Augustine was almost epigrammatically squeezing quite a complex idea into his Latin, which should be understood as anyone who sings the praise of the Lord is not only singing, but also loving Him who is both the subject and the audience of the song

Thanks to the riches of the Internet, it's easy to check that both Ælfric and Jerome made comments about the two modes of translation: non semper verbum ex verbo transferre, sed tamen sensum ex sensu – not always word for word, sometimes meaning by meaning.

And thanks to kind invitations from Protestant communities in Vilvoorde and in Brussels, I have now discovered a satisfying book containing preludes, short introductions and two different settings for all 150 psalms! With these and various other psalm-based music I've acquired over the years, I'm reasonably well kitted out to help.