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Amiable and well-read polymath, a true and worthy Netizen. Some part of eternity is already earmarked for catching up on the conversation and music-making which haven't yet been possible.

The first facet I came in contact with was Diarmuid the composer, and that remains something I'm in awe of. I used to find it awkward enough to be pestered in a very small way by Erato, and here's someone who's authentically hag-ridden by Euterpe: the peevish dissatisfaction of having no-one around to read poems to is mild indeed when set next to the frustration of writing music you might never hear performed.

Next was Diarmuid the Webmaster, and it was the informed enthusiasm of the Harmonium Home Page that first prodded me into trying my hand at webbery. It also encouraged me to take the harmonium more seriously, which has brought me much pleasure. The HHP is only one of Diarmuid's contributions to a brighter and more interesting Web, though still the one I myself have most to do with.

Fairly regular e-mails flit across or around the globe, usually as succinct as a postcard, and Chris and I ritually drink to Diarmuid's health each time we do our bit for local industries. We trade music, his compositions of an altogether higher level than my clumsy harmonisations and well-intentioned arrangements, and keep finding out we've read the same books. It's a relaxed and valued long-distance friendship.