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Liebermann, Max

Young disciple of Freud, friend – accompanist – of Detective Inspector Oskar Reinhardt. The Vienna evoked by Frank Tallis in the Liebermann Papers is as uncomfortable (with the same exception of the food) and obscurely threatening as the Vienna I perceived during my visits, though it's fair to say I did not directly encounter either murder or anti-Semitism.
It occurred to Liebermann that Sigmund Freud's Psychological Society was, in many ways, similar to the numerous secret societies that congregated in Vienna. Once again, a charismatic leader had gathered a small group of followers around him – a cabal who would spread the tenets of his doctrine and challenge the settled order of things. There was something about this city – his city – that attracted intrigue, conspiracy and sedition. Visionaries and prophets found it irresistible.

Vienna Blood, chapter 69

Liebermann, luckily, has distractions including Brahms, Mozart … and an English redhead.

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