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de Kijk-uit

Demolishing Vilvoorde castle didn't mean this corner of Flanders was so secure its towns and cities no longer needed protection. Far from it! so where Mechelen and Antwerp have look-out towers for merchants, Vilvoorde had one for the anxious inhabitants.

Better times arrived eventually, and "the Look-out" is now a fine restaurant. Also, part of H&N's history and a very happy memory for some of our friends.

There were many things we did not need to worry about when organising our wedding: flowers, for instance, or bridesmaids or beribboned limousines. "Where to eat", though, was a real challenge. We visited a few possible places, and stepping in to the calm space of de Kijk-uit immediately felt right. Opting for the "market choice" menu set us free from another set of burdensome decisions, and was in the event an excellent choice.

Fine wines, perfectly matched to the innovative combinations of flavours; a generous succession of subtle, imaginative, eye-catching dishes; unobtrusive good service and explanations offered out of interest rather than condescension. Not for every day, but it helped make a special day happily memorable.

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