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Blake, Ian

Jealousy? bad thing.
Envy? properly considered, no bad thing.
Anyway, I sincerely envy Ian his imaginative ear for harmonies and sonorities. His work with that admirable band Pyewacket was already enough to put him in that category "people who can do things I'd like to do better than I'll ever manage". More recent tracks at his site simply reinforce this feeling.

"Composer, producer, performer :: new organic and electrical music" is the description on his site – you, dear reader, are hereby advised to visit and discover. Turns a neat phrase, too.

There's an assurance in his approach to sonorities, mixing acoustic and electronic elements to get the best out of both, and (current address notwithstanding) an Englishness of harmonisation strongly reminiscent of Vaughan Williams … when that's what he wants to achieve. Others, equally fresh, have their own flavour: French, Australian, Icelandic, Estonian, or whatever he feels best.

Go and explore!