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It seems hardly possible, but in 2003 the Vatican casually condemned the Belgians and the Dutch. (since joined by the Canadians and the Spanish) You poor foolish people  – have you not realised you are all of you mentally disordered?


The Vatican, uneasy at what it perceives as a sort of Newspeak, has published an uncompromising Dictionary of Ethics to promote its own preferred definitions. Readers familiar with Through the Looking glass are free to imagine Humpty Dumpty in a triple crown, though perhaps some terms really have been hijacked and reworked.

When seeking to redress definitions, however, there is no excuse or justification for what I read reported on one Catholic news-site. The reference has since disappeared, so all I can call on to back it up is a copy of an e-mail I sent a friend with a rough translation of what I'd just read in Dutch. If I am misrepresenting the Magisterium, or whatever clutches at the cassock-tails thereof where dictionaries are concerned, I apologise almost gratefully: but what I remember reading was the reported assertion:

The citizens of any country which allows and recognises same-sex unions are suffering from a grave mental disorder.

Well, there it is. Sometimes the simple statement "the Pope of Rome hath no jurisidiction in this realm" seems almost alluring ... but then, seeing the controversy over the Bishop of Reading it seems the voice of reason in Lambeth doesn't have a great deal of jurisdiction either.