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Hallschild, Gordon

English (Yorkshire) author whose writing career began with the self-help parody Sex-manners for the portly.
Recent works (2005) include a shrewd look at the acting profession and a book of thoughtful short stories.

Admitting to reading Georgette Heyer's highly-enjoyable if slightly unfashionable Regency romances for pleasure, the reclusive Gordon Hallschild is also set on following her example and giving only two interviews in the whole of his writing career. Careful to husband his resources, he has yet to give even the first; arguing, indeed, that what you don't spend you've still got. Clearly a Yorkshireman.

The man revealed by his writings, however, is just as clearly a citizen of the world: wide-read, and with a keen ear for the ridiculous. Hubble, bubble, toil and squeak describes the habits and antics of a provincial theatre-company anxious to impress a London producer they believe may be in the audience for the opening night of the season. Deathwish beetle is a collection of thirteen stories taking a generally affectionate, resigned look at a number of anxious characters struggling with misunderstandings and misapprehensions.

I'm looking foward to his next book, set among the stressed young business-men he saw last time he deigned to drink in a London pub, staring gloomily into computer and PDA screens rather than talking to each other or watching the world go by. It's another typical Hallschild title, too – Laptop dancers.