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Successor of the original Microwriter, the eye-catching Agenda is a small electronic notebook, 7" by 3 1/2" It's not the functions that make it special, but the five unlabelled keys that fall under the fingers of a right-handed user.

The very first Microwriters, so far as I remember, had just the five buttons, a small screen and a comm port. My then boss acquired one with a view to taking surreptitious notes at meetings, a project which died the death when she realised no-one could persuade it to talk to the BBC B that currently represented the whole of the computer department's hardware.

Years passed. A colleague proudly showed me his latest Psion, and demonstrated his two-thumb typing style.
"Often a problem with these small keyboards," I said brightly. "Ever come across a gadget called a Microwriter?"
"Used to use one," he replied: "want to buy it?"

Via the Internet and thanks to Chris Rainey I managed to get a full set of user documentation, and now I use my Agenda most days: it's a handy combination of a piece of paper and an indexed note-book, plus I can start writing letters on it and then transfer the text to a computer for word-processing.

My e-friend Diarmuid liked his Microwriter so much that he bought up the remains of the stock when his dealer stopped selling them. Further evidence that he and I are often on the same wavelength.

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