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Williams Wynne, sir Watkin

Successive generations of this Welsh Border family hunted mostly in Shropshire and Cheshire. One version of this pudding contains apricot jam and curaçao served with apricot sauce. The following ... seems more likely to be suitable for a hunting squire.

So says Mary Norwak, in her highly enjoyable book English Puddings. The pudding in question is a very light variation on bread pudding, finely flavoured with lemon and "correctly served with a whipped brandy sauce". The apricot and curaçao version is from a 1881 recipe by Wyvern (Colonel Kenny-Herbert), whom we may reasonably take to be a bon viveur and gastronome about town, and perhaps at first sight it is a bit elaborate. From different sources, however, comes information to suggest there was more to sir Watkin than just a peaceful life out slaughterin' in the shires.

I'll settle for the idea of a landed gent. who could appreciate an exotic pudding with a rich sauce, the decorous naughtiness of a brisk polka … and daffodils. Who knows – perhaps he wrote the rhyme himself, as an amusement for his grandchildren.