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Dare I say it? I have no option: "I don't know much about wine, but I know what I like." An opinion which benefits from the rider "which is not to say I don't like what I don't know."

My clearest memories go with people, for example:

How sad it is, then, that one of the most special memories is also the least complete. When I was working in the south of France, someone with an office on the other side of the corridor would occasionally come across and ask for advice on a translation. The standard form was always "Niels, how would you say in English …" and as his own English was excellent, I could be sure that it would be a tricky question. It was always a pleasure to see him, though, not just because he was far and away the best-looking man on the site but because he was courteous and made me feel he genuinely wanted and valued my advice.

On my last day there, I came back from lunch to find a curious, lumpy package on my desk; it turned out to be three bottles of wine, roughly wrapped in old wall-paper and with no explanation beyond a simple note:
"Niels, how would you say in English …" followed by half a dozen classic terms from French wine-vocabulary.

His office was locked, and I was leaving France the next day: so no chance to say thank-you, and though the three wines were each of them of very high quality I somehow forgot to make a note of the names. This could have been the best thing to do, saving me from any disappointment at not finding them again; but I wish I could remember so that I could somehow acknowledge this moving, generous gesture from someone I hardly knew. Thank-you, Daniel.