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Decent folk are in their beds by midnight, so Sheffield buses used to change to the night timetable just after eleven. To make this changeover tidier, the last day buses on every route left the city centre at exactly 11.15 p.m.

What a sight that used to be ...

11:14 - High Street and Church Street lined with buses from end to end; a low rumble from idling diesel engines, light spilling across the pavements and catching a gleam from the duty inspector's cap-badge

11:15 - One firm blast of the inspector's whistle, immediately drowned in the roar of a Le Mans start for double-deckers

11:16 - A clear view from Bow Street roundabout to the Hole in the Road: wisps of exhaust, old tickets settling back in to the gutters, the firm tread of the inspector walking back to Pond Street

11:17 - The last 60 for Crimicar Lane leans into the corner coming off the roundabout and shudders briefly to a halt outside the cathedral. Whistled off from Midland Station and not High Street, it always misses the party.

1:18 - 'And leaves the world to darkness and to me'

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