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Vier op 'n Rij

AKA the "Flanders Recorder Quartet", this group has been delighting listeners and other players since 1987. Not content with playing all over the world, they have encouraged composers and instrument-makers to fine new work and they are keen and generous in passing on their skills.

Bart Spanhove, Joris van Goethem and Paul van Loey have been with the ensemble since it started in 1987; the fourth voice has been the responsibility of Fumihari Yoshimine, Geert Van Gele and (most recently) Han Tol. In 1990, the group took first prize in the prestigious Musica Antique competition in Bruges, part of the Festival of Flanders, and since then they have appeared at numerous festivals in Europe, Japan, the US and South America. They also give master-classes, and have been taking an active part in the Mechelen recorder weekends since 1989.

They also do a lot to encourage contemporary Belgian composers, and their repertory already includes over twenty pieces written specially for them. As for instruments, they use everything from the Garkleinflötlein – less than six inches long – to a great bass nearly seven foot tall; builders in Canada, the Netherlands and Australia have all contributed to their collection.