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Virgin (Capt.)

An uncommonly amusing spoof, a sort of Victorian James Bond crossed with the (Steed/Peel) Avengers. Apart from my parents, I have only ever met one person who has even heard of this TWY series. Let me know if you have.

I had the same sort of problem, for years and years, with the idea of mechanical horse. Perfectly obvious, for me, a three-wheeled lorry (by Foden, I think it was) and its own particular model of trailer – but for anyone outside the family, it seemed, the only half-available reference was the Arabian Nights. The picture that turned up and vindicated me a while back has since sunk without trace, though it may acquire its own page if ever it shows up again.

But revenons à nos vierges … the idea suddenly came to me that perhaps the omniscient Internet Movie Database (IMDb) might contain a reference enabling my to prove to Chris this was not just another case of False Nielsen Memory Syndrome (FNiMS). Bingo!

The dashing adventures of the British Secret Service's most heroic officer, Captain Robert Virgin. Aided in his task by the feisty Mrs Cortez and his loyal batman Doublett, Virgin travelled the world battling evil in the name of the British Empire; frequently, this evil was represented by the dastardly Von Brauner & his twisted aide Striebeck.

Yes! yes! and I could hear Von Brauner's catch-phrase "I like, it, I like it!" in my mind's ear. And Yes again: an IMDb contributor remarks that "the number of people who remember this show wouldn't fill a telephone box." Move over, Alan Mount; my mother and I are coming to join you.

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