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US weights and measures

A pint of pure water
weighs less than it oughter

Chris, my brother Jon and I were in the train en route from Paddington to St Austell and somehow fell to discussing the difference between a US pint and an Imperial pint. Jon and I had learnt the mnemonic "a pint of pure water/ weighs a pound and a quarter" from Mother, who had it from her father.

After we'd come up with the revised version quoted here, we spent an embarrassingly short stretch of time quoting and considering all the mnemonics we could remember. There was complete consensus on "Richard of York gained battles in vain", but no-one other than me had come across "Most volcanoes erupt mulberry jam sandwiches under normal pressure".

Torpor and reading then set in for the rest of the journey, before we'd started on related topics such as using your knuckles to remember how many days in the month or long multiplication Russian-style.