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Uncertain Time Machine, the

One of my better poems, from the years when Chris and I were living in different countries and always counting down to the next visit.

Little or no protective clothing is needed,
but quiet is advised.

Slip under the personnel cover (A)
and position the head-support (B)
for your comfort and safety.

Adopt a relaxed posture.
Many users have found it helpful
to close their eyes
against distraction.

These preparations made, release the mind (C)
from the web of daily cares. (D)

Slowly at first but with increasing motion
it swings between the here and now and
while trafficking with islands.

Reefs and pin-tucks encountered
in using the product are merely powers
of the imagination. The reel of persons
over the age of meeting seasons your journey.

Follow the instructions
and have no care of flying.
The pool of gravity will draw you
reluctantly towards the sunlight.
Refreshed and serious, you will arrive
hours closer your ultimate destination.

No external power source is necessary.
If the optional partner (E) is fitted,
this will benefit from regular affection.