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At least, as long as music has been written down, composers have been re-arranging the work of their fellows. Admiration, education, wider distribution ... I'm just trying to share oddities I enjoy with other players of my own instrument.

Mostly, at any rate. Early attempts include a curious version of the chorale Ich ruff zu dir (which really needs to be done again) and a more successful version of a Bach gavotte, but then I started on the repertory dearest to my heart with a cantabile study by Guilmant. My growing interest in harmonium music led me to acquire all manner of scores, and in their elderly pages I have discovered a lot of music that's too good to leave unplayed. That pious wish notwithstanding, not all of the transcriptions have been played yet; so if you do try, let me know about any infelicitous crossing of parts or drowned tunes that you come across.

My very first transcription was an étude by Guilmant, painstakingly (and that word is not an exaggeration) prepared with DrT on Baldric the Amiga. Once Chris went for a W*ws PC, I looked around and bought myself Noteworthy; this let me do almost everything I wanted to, but the few things I couldn't make it do kept bugging me. Then came linux, mup and the start of a beautiful friendship: write compact ASCII source and generate extremely high-quality PostScript. From there to .pdf is but a step, and here are some of the results.

pdf scores from mup