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Personal Information Management from A to Z, indeed ... My introduction to the delights of an electronic notebook was an AgendA. A couple of decades later – not what you might call an "early adopter" – I took the plunge and acquired a Zaurus.

Word-processing, text editing, photo viewer, music player, database, calendar, e-Book reader, and all in one chunky package about the size of two – remember them? – cigarette packets. A modest range of functions by modern standards, but it suits me down to the ground.

A sort of proof? it has a name of its own: being only a small device, it's know as my Picozaurus or "Pico" for short.

My usual flawless timing ensured that the manufacturers promptly cancelled the product line, with third-party support diminishing in consequence; no luck, then, with useful extras like a wifi card. No matter: I was just in time to get a good word-processor, which has made it possible to put the bulk of the Divine Office (morning and evening prayer, anwyay) on. E-books in .fb2, .txt or .html I get from, and my one cross-compiled addition to the basic software was (of course) mup. Set me in a library with Pico and my mini keyboard and watch me start transcribing harmonium scores with vi – Pico is actually a very small Linux-based portable.