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- ES/250 and sidecar which took Simon and me to Italy for the Stella Alpina rally
- lovable cartoon clone from the pen and brain of David Shenton
The two usages are not connected.

Stanley the clone was almost reassuring, disproving the generally well-founded suspicion that "a gay sense of humour is a contradiction in terms, like military intelligence." He has the saving grace of not taking himself too seriously. Felicity always looked forward to the next issue of Gay News (assuming it wasn't actually Gay Times – ah, the random delights of intermittent memory), and it was her idea to put some of the Stanleys up in the kitchen in Whitham Road. That must be getting on for fifteen years ago, but when she and her husband came to see us last year she brought us photocopies of these long-lost cartoons.

Stanley the combo was a beautiful and generally most biddable machine, though the kickstart did tend to come off its splines at awkward moments, and Earles forks and the generous gearbox ratios made him an ideal sidecar bike. Simon and I had no doubts at all about chugging clear across France to Bardonecchia. Clutch-slip was setting in by the time we arrived, though, so we unhitched the chair and carried on up the alp without.