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A photographer brought out a book with portraits of redheads a few years ago... amazing, breathtaking how strong the family resemblance was, even across continents. Lost Tribe of Israel? Atlanteans? my weakened knees tell me they're hereditary paladins.

Favourite - real

No names, no pack-drill … and if this goes against the free, open, kiss'n'tell ethos of the Internet, soit. I have too much respect, too much affection for this man to splatter his name across these public pages; he knows who he is, Chris knows who he is, a few friends know who he is, and all these people know he means a great deal to me. For the rest, and however unlikely you may think it, he'd won my total trust and allegiance long before I knew his colouring.

After Chris, he is the man who has most changed my life: I'm glad the two of them get on.

Favourite - fictional

This close, he didn't look so ordinary. His face was bony, hard-jawed, but his features were open and regular; a bit Scandinavian, maybe, except that expressions played across them like shifting light. Lines appeared and disappeared, making his age hard to guess; early forties, maybe, by the lines on his face. Below them the remains of a tan welded together a great blaze of freckles across his cheekbones. His eyes were calm, wide and intelligent.

Least favourite - fictional

He is possessed of more than average abilities, and is of good courage. Though he can stoop to fawn, and stoop low if need be, he has still within him the power to assume the tyrant; and with the power he has certainly the wish. […] As he walks through the streets, his very face denotes his horror of the world's wickedness; and there is always an anathema lurking in the corner of his eye. […] His countenance , however, is not specially prepossessing. His hair is lank, and of a dull pale reddish hue. […] He wears no whiskers, and is always punctiliously shaven.

Media sighting

In that surprising, admirable series Third Rock from the Sun, Harry and Sally go to the Rutherford DMV to apply for driving licences. Harry, as often, offers a thought-provoking observation: if it takes all this standing in line, filling in forms, taking tests and filling in more forms just to use a car, imagine what the procedure for getting a gun must be. Sally, to return to the topic of this page, applies herself to sweet-talking a bearded red-head behind the counter; forward minx, she even allows herself to speculate about his hairy chest.

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