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A brilliant band, proving well enough to make me very envious that you can be musically intelligent and have fun at the same time. They rework 18th.-century tunes with modern harmonies and a fine ear for instrumental colour: eminently danceable.

As I have surely had cause to say elsewhere in this site, my memory isn't what it used to be. However: from the clue provided by an autographed record sleeve, it must have been at IVFDF (Manchester, 1986) that I first had the pleasure of hearing Pyewackett. Their combination of intelligence and humour appealed to me from the start, and I kept an eye out for their LPs. Now that we have a record-deck again after two or three years without, we're happily rediscovering them; and, indeed, all manner of other things we have only on vinyl; Tangerine Dream, Dvorak, early Peter Hamill, Telemann …

Much to my surprise, there doesn't seem to be a specifically Pyewackett site out there: honourable mentions in LPs that changed my life lists and so on, but no page of their own. Shame! I don't have much information on them: but just for the, er, record, there's a link from the end of this page to a list of tracks and albums fresh from the Hall & Nielsen collection. Plus, of course, highly-subjective comments. What did you expect.

And who were they?

Ian Blake
Clarinet, recorders, sax, bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, ocarina
Rosie Cross
Bassoon, tambourine, vocals, hammer dulcimer
Mark Emerson
Violin, viola, keyboards, drum, vocals, accordion
Bill Martin
Guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals, Yamaha synthesisers, piano, drum, synthesiser programs

Plus on occasion

Laurie Harper
Violin, mandolin, mandola, bass guitar, vocals [Pyewackett]
Ralph Salmins
Drums [This Crazy Paradise]

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