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Melmby is the town between - between the unevenness of the grey North Sea and the more rounded green of the wooded hills. Send me a postcard if ever you're there.

The station bar is an obvious place to meet, and they keep their Old Abbey bitter very well; but if it's time for a meal we'd leave the station by the side gate and head for Hansen's Chop-House down on the quay. The more adventurous route by Staithes (East) crosses the docks at the lock-gate; alternatively, we could follow the signs for Staithes (West) and turn left down the steps at the end of the bridge.

Visitors are usually surprised by the galleries in the chop-house, a feature they associate more with a draper's or perhaps a chapel. The first-floor gallery is the public dining-room, while the second floor is divided into booths for more private meals. Bring the table forward and peer down over the people in the bar, or push it back and concentrate on your dining-partner.

There is of course much more than just Hansen's to see if you happen to find yourself in Melmby, but this is neither the time nor the place for a guidebook.