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is little more than a sweet version of Yorkshire pudding, usually dotted with cherries or apples. It is another one on the list for those who, if they are to eat puddings at all, want them to be hot, traditional and substantial
Nigel Slater, Real Fast Puddings

Not fortunate enough to have been born within the borders of the county, I cannot make Yorkshire pudding; and by extension, I can't make a decent toad in the hole.

But it used also to be true that I cannot make rice pudding … and thanks to Nigel Slater's recipe I now make it regularly and confidently. I was a bit anxious when I read his comment on clafoutis, but my first attempt – prompted in part by finding a packet of prunes I wanted to use up – was entirely acceptable. Slater recipes are recipes to trust, which means we shall have to check his second comment on clafoutis next time:

A glass of brandy of some sort or another works well with a hot, sugary batter pudding. Calvados would be my choice, though almost everything would be suitable.