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At the standard exchange-rate, the small pictures from the "more" link weigh in at 8,000 words … Not, alas, as elegant as the slide-show I once saw where all the Rembrandt self-portraits morphed seamlessly from confident youth to calm old age.
Vilvoorde Town Hall, 2008
Vilvoorde Town Hall23 May, the day Chris and I wed – and even if we had by then been together for twenty years, it was still worth doing: public recognition of a long-term commitment

Bethesda, Maryland, 2001
St Mark's Visiting my friend Steve in the States; his hand on my shoulder and an Orthodox icon behind us. No, I don't see that a belief in God (lived out, in my case, as a practising Catholic) is any reason why I should try to repress my nature. My conscience, my friends and almost all my family accept the way I live.

Lincoln, 1993
Lincoln, 199x Middle Nineties, a day in Lincoln with Chris and his parents. Neither of us is really a "group" person, but exploring places and sharing curiosity with people we like is always a pleasure.

West Yorkshire, 1989
Guzzi V50 Late Eighties, with the Guzzi (and Chris, wielding the camera) on a green lane in West Yorkshire. A chosen and enjoyable mode of transport, not an accessory.

Gloucestershire, 1984
MZ TS250/1 All ready to act as organist at my sister Merete's wedding. I've played for all my siblings now, and may yet end up playing for nieces and nephews: how time flies.

Dana Anglia, 1974
Dana Anglia End of first year at university, en route for Denmark. A very confusing couple of years lay ahead, though I can't say – and don't think it really matters – to what extent late-awakening sexuality interfered with my studies.

Gloucester, 1972
King's Gloucester White shirt, jacket not blazer … must be Lower VI. Those NHS glasses look as though they were drawn on afterwards.

Cirencester, 1965
Lewis Lane Lewis Lane Primary ... I remember the jumper, knitted by my grandmother. My lifelong interest in music, triggered by family surroundings, was formed and encouraged earlier at St Joseph's in Devizes.