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Also known as "African lily", this is a greenhouse herbaceous plant often grown in tubs in conservatories and loggias, or on balconies. Claimed to be a favourite with gophers: you have gophers on your loggia?

The BookMaster documentation was the first place I ever remember coming across the word agapanthus. In fact, the same example of list-formatting also introduced me to the word gopher ...

A burrowing rodent that feeds on roots of plants.
Gopher highway.
Can be identified by dinner-plate-sized mounds of dirt where grass used to be.
Lovely flowering plant, the roots of which are the preferred food of gophers.
If your flourishing agapanthus suddenly keels over, it means a gopher has had a feast.

BookMaster, which is text-processing for grown-ups, rates a card of its own. I'll just mention here that BookMaster tagging for definition lists is so far in advance of HTML tagging for the same thing that I had to use a table to reproduce the example.

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